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All Dog Treats are same, aren’t they?

Not all products are alike, just like two dogs are not identical. While most dog treats are created with a one-size-fits-all approach, we have 5 sizes for all sized dogs.

Can I feed my dog too much protein?

If your dog eats too much protein, some will be excreted in the urine and the rest will be used as calories or converted to fat - causing your dog no harm.

Do Milkotein™ Dog Treats contain sugar?

Milkotein™ Dog Treats do not contain any added sugar.

Does high protein cause kidney disease?

No, this is a myth. In the past, dogs with kidney disease were commonly placed on low-protein diets to keep the nitrogen levels low. The key to lower nitrogen levels does not consist of feeding less protein, but feeding protein that is more digestible.

Unless your veterinarian has told you your pet has a kidney problem that is severe enough to adjust the protein intake, you can feed your pet a normal amount of protein without worrying about "damaging" or "stressing" your pet's kidneys.

How are our premium quality Milkotein™ Dog Treats made?

When the milk reaches the factory, it is collected in a milk silo and then sent to a cream separator, where most of the fat is removed. Pasteurization comes next, and milk is poured in another milk silo. Then, sour buttermilk is added at a controlled temperature and pH. After this acidification process, coagulation begins to produce curds and whey, which are then separated. Curds are the solid masses of milk protein, from which our brand derives its name -Milkotein™. Neutral water is then used to wash out excess acidity and remove most of the lactose. The chunks of curds are then cut into five different sizes (Massive, Heavy, Medium, Light and Miniature), good for all sized dogs, and dried at ambient temperature for the required time. They come in a convenient easy-open canister with restorable cap. These high quality, very palatable treats have more than 77% protein and are low in fat to keep your dog lean and fit.

How many days will it take my dog to consume these treats?

It depends upon the dog. Usually the dog will finish one treat in 3-4 days.

I have always heard that dogs weren't supposed to have milk or dairy products. Is that true?
  • Milk in its raw form is difficult for dogs to digest. Once it is made into cheese, the cooking process actually alters the protein making it more easily digested.
  • Milkotein™ Dog treats are extremely hard and quite long lasting (7-10 days). Because of this, the amount of dairy that a dog can consume at any one time is extremely limited.
  • Most or all lactose is removed during the cooking and removal of whey liquid from the solids after the coagulation of the milk. So, the final product has little or no lactose to contribute towards the intolerance among dogs.
If my dog has not eaten the whole treat, can I restore it? Is it safe to put it back in the canister?

Yes, it is safe to put the treat back in the canister. The drier the treat, the better, to prevent the growth of bacteria, yeast or mold. Let the remaining piece of the treat dry well before restoring. There are silicone bags inside the canister to absorb moisture and keep the treats dry. These bags are not for human or animal consumption. Keep them out of the reach of children and pets.

Is Milkotein™ Dog Treat a low-calorie treat?

AAFCO defines low calorie as having no more than 3100 kcal/kg for products containing less than 20% moisture. Milkotein™ Dog Treat has 3018 kcal/kg with maximum moisture of 13.6%, which makes it a low-calorie treat.

Is Milkotein™ Dog Treat low fat?

The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) defines low fat as having no more than 9% crude fat for products containing less than 20% moisture. Milkotein™ Dog Treat does not exceed 3.5% crude fat and has maximum moisture of 13.6%, which makes it a “low-fat” dog treat, great to keep dogs lean and fit.

Milkotein™ is hard as a bone, and bones are not recommended for dogs. Can this pose a threat to my dog?

Unlike bones, Milkotein™ treats soften after several minutes of licking, and they are chewable and digestible. This hard texture helps to remove tartar and plaque that builds up on dogs’ teeth, improving your dog’s dental health. There is still a hazard of breaking or chipping a tooth.

What are the ingredients in Milkotein™ treats?

Milkotein™ treats only contain milk and lime juice. They are 100% natural, have no preservatives, no artificial flavors or colors and are gluten-free.

What if my dog swallows a big chunk of the treat?

Swallowing a big chunk of any kind of food is a potential hazard of choking for animals or humans. Unlike rawhide, Milkotein™ treats are fully digestible. Nevertheless, you should to discard any remaining small piece that might be swallowed and cause choking or an intestinal obstruction. It is safer not to leave your dog unsupervised while eating the treat.

What is milk protein?

There are several types of proteins in milk. The primary group of milk proteins is known as casein. The major milk proteins are unique to milk and are not found in any other tissue. Milk proteins are highly digestible and good for growth and development of the young. Casein molecules also have the ability to form a gel or clot in the stomach, which makes it very efficient in nutrient supply. Casein-derived compounds are used in tooth remineralization products.

What is the expiry date of the treats?

Milkotein™ treats are naturally dried for several months for hardening and are packaged with moisture absorber packet. Therefore, treats stay fresh for considerably long period of time while they are in sealed package.

Also because of this natural drying process and a way of packaging treats stay good for approximately 3 plus years from the date of opening the package, as long as they are kept dry.

What should I do when there is a small leftover piece of the treat?

There are more chances that a dog may swallow a small piece. To avoid this and make the most of every single bit of the delicious Milkotein™ treat, you can microwave it and then it will become eatable for your dog. You can microwave it for about 30 to 120 seconds depending upon the size(watch your microwave as it cooks) to make a big, soft, crunchy and cheesy puff that your dog will love. 

Where can I buy Paras Pets Products?

There are few ways of buying Milkotein™ Dog Treat.

Buy them from our Online Shop.

You can also buy that from Amazon.

They are available in your local pet products stores as well. Find nearest pet store carrying this product by going to Store Locator page.

Where can I refer shipping related information?

Please refer our Shipping Information page to get details on shipping services that Paras Pets uses. This information is also available on product detail page of online shop.

Why Choose Milkotein™ Dog Treats?
  • Milkotein™ Dog treats are made only with natural ingredients, and over 77% protein. 
  • They are low in fat, to keep your dog fit and trim.
  • They are available in five different sizes, to provide the right amount of protein according to your dog’s weight.
Why do dogs need protein?
  • Proteins are necessary for all aspects of growth and development and are very important in structural makeup and the immune system. A stronger immune system means a higher capacity to fight diseases and translates in better overall health.  In addition, proteins are burned as calories and can be converted to and stored as fat.
  • Proteins help with the growth of the coat, skin and nails.
  • Proteins help dogs develop stronger bones. Milkotein™ Dog Treats given as a supplement is a great way to prevent problems dogs have with bones as they get older.
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