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About Us

Paras Pets LLC was founded by pet lovers like you. We wanted a nutritious chew bar that dogs can play with and thoroughly enjoy. After experimentation of several months, the first product of the company was born - Milkotein™ Dog Treat.

Boy Kissing Dog with Milkotein in Front

Paras Pets is committed to providing pet owners with the highest quality dog treats, as well as top of the line customer service. Our main goal is to provide dog treats that are not only healthy, but also long lasting, in order to stimulate your dogs’ minds and allow them to thoroughly enjoy their much deserved treats. Milkotein™ only uses the freshest milk from local farmers, which then undergoes thorough processes to ensure that the nutrients of Milkotein™ remain intact. In the manufacturing facility, fresh cow/buffalo milk is pasteurized and coagulated in order to produce curds. These curds are solid masses of milk protein (hence, the name Milkotein™). Excess acidity is washed out, and most of the lactose is removed too. The resulting chunks are then cut into five different sizes, perfect for tiny dogs to large ones. Paras Pets is acknowledged by the USDA and FDA, and complies with all their requirements.

Milkotein™ treats are very palatable without having to use any added artificial ingredients and preservatives. They are of high quality, containing more than 77% of protein but are low in fat to keep your dog lean and fit. The protein in Milkotein™ aids in growing a healthy coat, nails, and skin, and helps develop strong bones. Milkotein™ can also be given as a supplement to prevent bone problems as dogs get older. The treats contain only two ingredients – milk and lime juice – so it’s guaranteed 100% natural, preservative-free, and gluten-free.

Unlike rawhide, Milkotein™ treats are fully digestible. Nevertheless, you should to discard any remaining small piece that might be swallowed and cause choking or an intestinal obstruction. As with any treat, it is safer not to leave your dog unsupervised while eating the Milkotein™.

Unlike bones, Milkotein™ treats soften after several minutes of licking, and they are chewable and digestible. This hard texture helps to remove tartar and plaque that builds up on dogs’ teeth, improving your dog’s dental health.

Milkotein™ Dog Treats are long lasting, so we have decided to package the product in an easy-open canister made from recyclable materials, and is topped with a restorable cap. Once your dog is done enjoying this delicious treat, let them dry and store them back using the canister with restorable cap. The canister has an easy open lid, which makes opening the packaging hassle free. A considerable part of the canister is made from recycled materials. That means that, after you use it, it can easily be mixed back in the environment without polluting it. We care for our environment as much as we care for dogs.

We have put our product to the test, adjusting our production process and package design in search for excellence. In order to ensure that we are responding to the needs of pet owners came across in our survey, we went the extra mile to make a good product even better. But the most important thing is that we have never changed is our commitment to provide the best quality product and ensure customer satisfaction.

Milkotein Features - girl with dog image with canisters
Milkotein Features - girl with dog image with canisters
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