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Slide background introducing milkotein dog treat five canisters

Paras Pets LLC is proud to
introduce the first of a
kind dog treat, Milkotein™,
with the highest level of
protein content

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Long lasting delicious
premium treat to keep
your dog active

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Slide background Low fat shown on canister Low fat highlight

Milkotein™ is Low Fat, Low
Calorie treat to keep your
dog lean and fit

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Slide background all features of milkotein dog treat five canisters

Milkotein™ has everything that you
want from the best dog treat

Loaded with Protein

Low Fat

Low Calorie

No Preservatives

No Artificial Colors

No Artificial Flavors

No Binding Agents

Soy Free

Gluten Free

Grain Free

All Natural

Long Lasting

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We have engineered Milkotein™ Dog Treat in five different sizes for all dogs, big and small

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80+ lbs
(7.5 oz treat)

80+ lbs
(6 oz treat)

40 - 80 lbs

20 - 40 lbs

20 lbs or less

Size recommendation is based on an average dog's consumption, which may vary based on voracity of an individual dog.

Slide background Half Open Canister Fully Open Canister Fully Open Canister Half Open Canister

At Paras Pets, we don't only
think of dogs, but have thought
of their owners very carefully
as well

Therefore Milkotein™ Dog
Treat comes in easy open canister
with restorable cap

Slide background Recycle Symbol on Canister Recycle Symbol on Canister

We care for our environment
as much as we care for dogs
and their owners

Therefore we have considered
environmentally friendly packaging
Milkotein™ Dog Treat

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